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I am an experienced freelance graphic designer and prepress technician specializing in print design.

My client base has included non-profits such as the ACLU, Hooley for Congress and Willamette University and for profits including Taylor-Made Labels, Inc., Fall Guy Theatre and Scotty Got an Office Job. I have laid out numerous web sites, posters, brochures, journals, and newsletters. Such projects involved gathering research from diverse print and online resources, organizing and authoring copy over the Internet from various authors in multiple states with a quick turnaround time and devising a dynamic overall design.

Most professional designers have had little or no prepress experience. This can make for some gorgeous designs, but unfortunately they do not have the technical expertise to design their files in such a way that they can easily and attractively be produced on press for offset, flexographic, digital or silk-screened output. For the client this means increased prepress charges, delay and even forced design changes once their files have been submitted to a printer.

From seven years of fulltime prepress work in a number of very different printing environments I am able to assure my clients with my proofs they'll love their design and with my experience they'll love their finished pieces.
Please feel free to contact me via email or phone for more information and pricing. I am available for freelance design projects.


Mail:  delaney.arthur@gmail.com

Phone:  5034885851


February 20, 2011+br850+br566+br1


October 6, 2009+br640+br427+br2

Big. Rock. Show.

October 6, 2009+br640+br427+br3


October 6, 2009+br427+br640+br4


October 6, 2009+br640+br427+br5


October 6, 2009+br640+br427+br6

Not Finished

October 6, 2009+br640+br427+br7

Jackie and Marty

October 6, 2009+br640+br427+br8


October 6, 2009+br427+br640+br9


October 6, 2009+br640+br432+br10


October 6, 2009+br640+br432+br11

Window Shade

October 6, 2009+br432+br640+br12


October 6, 2009+br640+br424+br13

Show Postcard

October 6, 2009+br526+br680+br14

Business Handout

October 6, 2009+br850+br550+br15

Photoshop Work

October 6, 2009+br640+br433+br16

Business Logo

October 6, 2009+br850+br478+br17

Business Logo

October 6, 2009+br548+br138+br18

Wedding Invitation

October 6, 2009+br412+br680+br19

CD Insert

October 6, 2009+br504+br168+br20

ACLU Invitation

October 6, 2009+br536+br750+br21

ACLU Print Ad

October 6, 2009+br351+br486+br22

Oceania Flag

October 6, 2009+br850+br425+br23

NWMET Journal

October 6, 2009+br557+br731+br24

Beyond Vitruvius

October 6, 2009+br263+br396+br25

Syria & Crete

October 6, 2009+br395+br208+br26

Debra Magpie Earling

October 6, 2009+br394+br254+br27

Operation Jane

October 6, 2009+br256+br396+br28

Harlem Renaissance

October 6, 2009+br257+br395+br29

Carlascio Flyer

October 6, 2009+br257+br397+br30

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